Even if..

The contemporary Christian group MercyMe is one of my favorites. They continue to churn out significant, theology-rich music, as well as demonstrating over and over that they don't take themselves too seriously (you've got to watch this!). Lead singer Bart Millard is candid about his the power of God in his life and is always refreshingly … Continue reading Even if..


God’s steadfast love

"His steadfast love endures forever." A quick search in the English Standard Version (using Mac Bible Study) returns 45 results for "steadfast love endures forever, all in the Old Testament. When you broaden the search for "love forever" or other combinations, you realize quickly that God's love does not fade. Period. We should meditate (and bank … Continue reading God’s steadfast love

Attitudes that will change your life: Choose joy

The first two attitudes I covered were Assume the Best and Be Gracious. In this last entry of this series, I'm attempting to share what I believe is only possible for people of faith. In the previous two entries, I've said: As a follower of Jesus and a preacher, I could supply biblical foundations for each of the attitudes in this series and … Continue reading Attitudes that will change your life: Choose joy